4 Simple Steps to Start Trading NFTs

Look for Upcoming Projects

The best method to profit from NFTs is to invest in upcoming projects. Look for different project advertisements on social media sites. Twitter is home to most of the new and upcoming NFT advertisements.

Time to Grind

Once you have chosen a project, it’s time to start working. Join their discord server. The link is usually given in the Twitter profile bio of the company.

Getting Whitelisted

If you succeed in getting handpicked by the mods, congrats! You are now a privileged group member. This is called being whitelisted.

Minting and Listing the NFT

Okay, the launch day is here. Now comes the time to finally mint your NFT. There are several websites to mint and sell your NFTs. We recommend starting with Opensea as it is one of the biggest NFT trading platforms.


Hopefully, we made the hefty process a bit simpler to comprehend for you. This is only one of the many ways to make money using the fulfilling NFT community.



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Hashir Asif

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